Saturday, March 03, 2007

Saturday at the NAHBS

Brian Baylis and Carlos (Malodoror)

Jason turned me on to Carlos who calls his bikes Maldoror or Sir Maldoror. After looking around his stuff is some of my favorite. Carlos works with Brian Baylis (sort of an apprentance arrangment). I'm really into how Carlos has a similar style (same painting methods and similar construction being in the same shop and all) to Baylis but has taken it furter to make it his own thing, in fact I think Carlos has some of the best new style at the show that is entirley all his own. I took alot of photos of Carlos' stuff and Baylis so you can compare and contrast. Both great stuff. We hung out with Brian and Carlos friday night at the Clarion hotel, which of course was fun and interesting conversation (or course Jason did most of the talking) First the bikes from Carlos:

More on Carlos (including an interview) at the fixed gear gallery.


Around the corner to Brian Baylis' booth, excellent lug thinning and paint!

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