Monday, September 22, 2008

Lesley's 3Rensho

Back when I was working full time at the Yellow Jersey (before framebuilding) I found a 3Rensho Katina road frame in the basement w/a cracked downtube. As on of my first major frame repairs I replaced the down tube and built it up as a single speed for Lelsey. This was also one of my first
(and last) paintjobs and I'll freely admit I'm a not much of a painter: 5 years later the bike had lost quite a bit of paint changing from its original white to primer gray and rusty steel color. It was time for a re-do. Since its a daily commuter we decided it was time for some upgrades. I added some cantilever bosses and mounts so the bike could fit full fenders (no chance of that with the original short reach road calipers, which is fine as its original intended use was a road race bike), sent if off to Spectrum Powderworks for some fresh paint, and built it back up with some fresh new parts. The resulting bike turned out great:

More photos of the project are here: