Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Art Pedaler

8pm Friday, June 6th
Posters, prints, and art celebrating the bicycle.

Escape Java Joint
916 Williamson Street

More Flickr

I've been really into the unpainted Flickr group that Sweat Pea Bicycles has set up:

All sorts of great unpainted frames there.

Even more than frame-building process photos and unpainted frames I love photos of peoples shops. I love all the photos in the unpainted group, but always find myself looking into the background to catch a glimpse of everyones shop. To compliment Sweat Pea's Unpainted group I've created a new Frameshop group:

If you have any sort of frame-building or painting workshop feel free to join and post any and all photos of your shop that you have, I'd love to see photos of your shop.....

Monday, May 19, 2008

Photos of Danny's TIG welded track bike and Flickr

Danny from Austin sent me some photos of his recently built TIG welded Jonny Cycles track frame. Taken outside of Lance Armstrong's new shop "Mellow Johnny's" in Austin:

I've also started a flickr site. Check it out -