Saturday, March 03, 2007

Jasons bike, Yohei, and a very full booth

So I shipped a bunch of bikes 2nd day air to San Jose. They shipped out on Monday and most of them arrived except of course Jason's track bike. Jason of course hasn't been quite himself without his bike...until today (Saturday) when we finally tracked down his bike at the DHL sorting facility 20 minutes. When the box arrived Jason tore it open with his teeth (really!) built it immediately, hugged, licked, and kissed it.

Yohei from Japan also stopped by today. He visited last year and was again really enthusiastic about the bikes. I wish there wasn't so much of a language barrier so we could chat more...

In addition to Jason's bike arriving Rickey also brought his bike by for display so we now have 7 Jonny Cycles frames in the booth!

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