Friday, November 28, 2008

Just finished: Khai's road bike

I just shipped out Khai's road bike today and I'm very happy with how it all turned out (of course I say the same thing about every bike I finish, but it's true!).

Khai wanted a "Classic stage race type bike. Good for all round use, long and short distance rides." In other words, the perfect road bike. Since he also wanted to be able to easily travel with the bike I added S & S couplers.

The design pretty typical for road: 73 degree head tube angle, 45mm rake, and long(ish) chainstays at 425mm resulting in a bike that will meet the above expectations.

The excellent paint work was supplied by Keith Anderson. Khai wanted something orange and noted he liked bold color schemes and patterns. I translated this request to a downtube banner with "Ruby Red" and "Chrome Yellow" resulting in a bold but classy look. Top it all off with a Campagnolo Chorus build kit mixture of black and silver and the result is one hot bike!

The official gallery photos are here:
Build photos are here: