Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Fixed Gear Gallery Interview

If you haven't checked out the Fixed Gear Gallery in awhile, you should. Dennis has been doing allot of great things with the site: The forum is quite active, there are lots of interviews and articles, the schedule for the third annual Fixed Gear Symposium is up (its going to be even better this year!), and of course there thousands of photos of fixed gear bikes.

Dennis and Bill from the FGG were out at the Handmade Bike Show. While out there they took lots of photos and did lots of interviews which are all here:

They're not done and are still adding photos and interviews daily. A couple of days ago they just added the Jonny Cycles section, which includes an interview with me. I haven't listened to the interview yet (I hate listening to myself) let me know if it was good or bad! Here is the Jonny Cycles page:

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