Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Eric's stem

Just received some photos from Eric out in LA today. I built him a stem with integrated bottle cage mount to go with his single speed Jonny Cycles cross bike. The original bottle mount was a little to flexible and broke (hey it was a prototype...!), but the new one is working great and Eric sent me a note along with the photos.

"got the faceplate last night and installed it in the dark of the garage. seems super solid - thanks. will take it on maiden voyage later today if it stops raining. or fuck it, even if it's raining!!!!!"

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

More Fixed Gear Gallery

Linwood posted his new bike to the gallery:

Linwood was allot of fun to work with and always makes me blush with his comments:

"My (finally) first ride! This evening. Man, it rides GREAT! Fits GREAT! WOW! It's so smooth - comfortable - just a little stiff - stand and mash - she GOES! Thank you for a great bike!"


In other news: Sorry I haven't been updating the blog much lately. I've been busy moving into the new shop. Every things pretty much setup, and I've been getting some actual work done which is always a good thing. Tomorrow the internet/phone will finally be set up at the shop so I'll have more time to post and update the site then.