Sunday, November 05, 2006

Road frame ends

I'm really picky about frame ends. Not so long ago I didn't pay much attention to them, but more recently I've been obsessed with them. Its one of those spots where there are so many options available and its a great place to look to see a particular framebuilders style and workmanship. There are choices in type of end: tab style, socket, plug in, forged, cast, etc... and then there are the various finishing options for each of these (paint, chrome, stainless, raised faces...). The ideal frame end is that perfect combination of function and style, it should integrate seemlessley with the overall look of the bike just like everything else (lugs, paint, components).

I'm really happy with the track frame ends I have designed so I've decided its time for some road ends to compliment them.

For the most part I've been using the Henry James horizontal road ends...but they're not quite perfect.
From a style standpoint they are ok, but I've always preferred a tab style dropout to the plug in type.

Function: The Henry James certainly work well, but I've always though it was silly to do a short horizontal dropout...whats the point? If it was a full 1" slot then the ends could be used with a deraiulleur, or without for single speed/fixed use.

The old Campagnolo 1010 dropouts are a nice option, but getting hard to find and they are a little boring (there are just so many of them out there!). I also don't care much for the adjustor screw and would prefer if the wheel would sit all the way back in the slot as opposed to all the way forward where it needs to be to get proper shifting with a modern indexing drivetrain.

The criteria for my ends:
-Long horizontal (full 1") slots for single speed or use with a derailleur.
-Derailleur hanger is positioned to work best with the wheel all the way back in the slot. No adjustor screws.
-Stainless steel faces.
-Stylish (what I really mean is a star cutout).

Here is a drawing of my initial design. I may refine it a little and I'll probably add some rack/fender mounts, but should have some of these made soon so they will probably show up on the next road frame I build. I think its going to work and look great and can't wait to braze one into a frame!

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Nicholas Williams said...

You're on the right track with these, Jonny. Keep up the good work!