Friday, November 24, 2006

Cross Bikes!

This project started awhile back. Eric in LA who owns a single speed/fixed gear all around type I build him was interested in a cyclo-cross bike in time for race season this year. I had been interested in getting some cross bikes out in the local race series so I built three cross bikes. One for Eric, one for Zack (my assistant), and one for me. For something different and to save a little time I fillet brazed them (as opposed to lugged which I usually do). The bikes were finished before cross season...but unfortunately this was also when Jason (painter) was transitioning to a new shop. Jason managed to get Eric and Zack's bike painted so Eric will be able to get a few races in, and Zack was able to use his for the last race of the season here (the state championships). My frame has yet to be painted, which is fine because I really didn't do much cross racing this season anyway and now I'll have a shiny new frame to bring to NAHBS.

Enough with the words, on to some photos! Here are some frame photos: I'll admit, not the best photos as I was in a hurry to get Eric's bike shipped out and Zack was anxious to build his up in time for the race. Jason really outdid himself with the downtube logo this time!

Here are a couple photos of Zack's bike after he transferred the parts over from his old cross frame:

While I didn't race I did manage to make my way over to Sun Prarie for the 2006 Wisconsin Cyclocross state championships. A perfect sunny day, lots of people racing and spectating.

David on his Richard Sachs frame checking out Zack's new Jonny Cycles at the race start. Apparently it takes more than a fancy new bike to beat David. Zack hung with him for the first lap, but then crashed and David went on to finish 2nd in the race which put him in a tie for firs place in the overall CAT 3 series. Zack finished the season with an impressive 6th place standing in CAT 3.

The crash resulted in torn tights, scuffed bar tape, and a bent derailleur hanger but no problem for Zack as he managed to finish the race.

Zack (far right) and Eric from Planet Bike crossing the barriers

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fish-e said...

Yo Jonny! The Supercross is amazing - family, work, overseas work and holidayz have prevented me from building it up, let alone having any shot at racing this season. That said, getting the box open in November was like an early Christmas! Beautiful! Jason out did himself with the tattoo paint-job; it makes me wanna go get more ink myself (like I need any extra motivation for that). BTW the 'old' Jonny has been rolling as an off-road fixer lately. Viva!!!!
Eric -