Monday, November 13, 2006

Lugged Reynolds 953

In case you haven't been paying attention Reynolds has been shipping their new 953 tubeset. I've been following it's development with interest and they are finally offering tubing in the required dimensions for a lugged bike (head-tubes and chain-stays were previously lacking).

Whats good about 953:
-It's stainless
-It's super strong, thus thin and light (some tubes are offered as thin as 0.3mm!)

If the tubing is as Reynolds promises it should be the lightest tubeset out there, not that weight is the big est factor in a frame and really its only a few grams lighter than some of the newer Columbus or True Temper tubsets.

What am I going to do with it? My friend Kevin (owner of Jonny Cycles #2) wants a nice sport touring type frameset...something light and fast that can carry a little load (note: Not a fully loaded ends of the earth touring bike). 953 seems like a good material to try and Kevin's excited about having a bike with no paint to scratch that's made out of fancy new tubing. It's going to be an all stainless frame (lugs and all) I probably wont polish it but rather do a nice brushed or blasted finish depending on how things turn out.

Reynolds was very prompt as usual answering all my questions and I have a tube set on order which they say will arrive in about 30 days. I should have enough time to build the frame and bring it to display at the upcoming handmade bike show!

If everything goes well, I like working with the stuff, and it builds a nice riding frame I'll offer it as an option (it will most likely be a rather expensive option). As usual I'll post photos of the frame when I start building it!

What Reynolds has to say
What some of the other framebuilders have to say about 953

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