Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Still closing, but here is your last chance!

Uptate 01-29:

The contest has ended and Joe Bridgeman in New Jersey is the lucky winner. Joe already has one of the Hammerhead he will have a frame to go with it!

Thanks to everyone who donated! Mojo, his daughter, and all the histiocytosis kids and family members thank you!!!!

ps...if you didn't win you should check out this other promotion for a Richard Sachs frameset. Richard is one of my frame building idols and on the short list of builders that I dream of owning a frame from, but he's not currently accepting orders. I signed up of a chance!

As mentioned in the previous post I am shutting down the business.

I have refunded the remaining deposits of the few frames I would not be able to build but there was still one frame left hanging: The Histiocytosis frame. Its for a great cause, quite a few people have already donated for a chance to get the frame, Mojo is a great guy, and I really want to help their cause out once again.

The promotion will continue and I will build the frame so here it is: Your last chance to get a Jonny Cycles frame in the foreseeable future! You wont' even have to wait long for it. I have 4 frames to finish up (which will all be done in the next couple of months) and then I'll build this one last frame that one of the lucky donors could be riding by this summer!

As I mentioned to my clients who's frame I'm still building: Don't worry I'm not rushed, bitter about closing, or in a crunch for money, its just that the list of customers was too close for confort (in this economy). I'm building the remaining frames with the same care, love, and attention that I put into all of them and the same will be true for this frame.

So here it is, you last chance at a Jonny Cycles frameset...lets help out Mojo with fight for Histiocytosis!

--->Donate $50 for a chance to win a Reynolds 953 frame set here<----

More info from previous posts:


Anonymous said...

That must have done it -- the raffle's sold out.

So when's the drawing (he asked in anticipation)?

Jon Kendziera said...

>So when's the drawing (he asked in anticipation)?

The winner will be announced with in the hour!

Anonymous said...

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