Sunday, January 11, 2009

Jeff's single speed cross bike is back from paint!

Jeff came my way awhile back looking for a single speed cross bike. In his words:

"...with the frame itself. I'll send you my measurements and what I think that I need, but then I want you to put your twist and expertise into it. All I want is a classic looking single speed cross bike that I can race, trail ride, road ride, and get dirty. I haven't chosen specific colors. I picked you as my frame builder because I liked the artistic flair that you put into your frames. This is where I want you and the painter to use your talents..."

Since it a single speed cross bike with front and rear canti's I opted for the forward facing slanted horizontals. Easy wheel removal and the brakes stay in adjustment:

I decided to so something new for the cable hanger - elegant and functional:

Rear rack mounts:

Stylish slightly modified Richard Sachs "Nuovo Richie Series" Lugs and a heavily modified Pacenti Artisan crown:

Keith Anderson did the paint (Dupont code N1025 Red and a pearlescent white tri-coat for the lugs). Build process and more photos can be found here:

I can't wait to see how he builds it up (send some photos when you get a chance Jeff!). An interesting note: The same day I received the frame back from paint I also received another deposit from Jeff for his new frame, next time around it will be a road frame.

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