Thursday, March 27, 2008

Custom treadless stem

Just back from the chrome plater: A custom threadless stem with integrated top cap.

Pretty cute huh?

In other news everyone at the shop has been pretty busy and things are looking a bit cluttered:

Time for a much needed spring cleaning and some organization (I'm pretty sure spring is HAS to be the last of the snow in our 100 inch + season)...especially since Ahren ( is tooling up for powdercoating in house which means we need to stuff a curing oven, sandblast cabinet, and large air compressor in here somewhere.

Speaking of Ahren check out this tandem he's working on (sorry for the lackluster photos).

Zack ( just found this cute mini-lathe and drill press in Janesville:


JoelMatthews said...

Stem is very clever. Nice looking fellow too.

My fascination with old tools is about equal to my inability to use them. Zach made a couple of great finds there.

insub2 said...

How much would that stem cost? It's just gorgeous!