Monday, February 12, 2007

Stock bikes

I've been toying with the ideas of doing some stock size (pre-made) frames for awhile now. Initially Jason and I had the idea of doing a run of lugged frames that all have the same general theme, sort of like a limited edition run of frames. The main advantage would be that we could get some of our new ideas out there and make some really neat bikes. While I still have this idea rattling around in my head I've taken a different direction with this project for now.

I'm starting out with TIG welded track frames. TIG welded frames?! Even though up until now I've been exclusively building lugged frames I have nothing against welding as a method of joining tubes to form a frame. I haven't done it in the past because I'm not a welder, and I think lugged construction is the best way to build a frame (if you eliminate time and money as a factor). If done well (just like anything else) welding can be used to build a very nice frame (I own and ride a few TIG welded frames myself). With the addition of Ahren (master welder) and some nice new mitering equipment to the shop we are now equipped to build more frames why not?

Here's how the stock track bike project is going to work:

-All frames will be designed by me. Typical track sprint (Keirin) geometry. The main intended use is racing on the track...but they will be fun to use on the street as well.

-The frame will be welded by Ahren Rogers, forks are traditional crowned construction built by me.

-Paint: Still working out the details, but most likely these will be powdercoated to save time and a little money. Several color options will be available.

Fork: Brake hole or no brake hole;
Frame: Water bottle mounts can be added.

-Sizing: Sizes offered will be 48 through 62 in 1 cm increments

-Lead time (from order to delivery): 1 month

So what are the advantages of these frames over my normal full custom lugged bikes?

-Time: This is the big one. Not everyone is willing to wait 15+ months for a frame.

-Cost: These frames will be less expensive. Not because I'm cutting corners on materials but because of the joining method, paint, and stock sizes. Target price for these is around $1000 for frame and fork.

What are the advantages of these frames over some other TIG welded production frame?

-Real, quality race ready frames made here in the US in my shop.

-Quality tubing (mix of Dedacciai Zero, Columbus Spirit, and True Temper OX Platinum) not some generic (and kind of heavy) cro-mo stuff.

-Style: These will have the normal Jonny Cycles high style that we (of course) think is great.

Enough talk. Here are some photos of the prototype that I'll be bringing to the Handmade Bike Show. After the show I'll have pricing and geometry finalized and will officially offer these frames starting in later April or early may. Sorry they are not the best photos as I was in a rush to get if off to paint in time for the show...but I'll post some better photos of the painted frame when its back from paint.

If your interested this one is a 55 cm frame and will be available after the show with a nice dark blue/sky blue color scheme

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