Wednesday, February 28, 2007

North American Handmade Bike Show

I'm leaving today so I'm as ready as I'll ever be! Unfortunately due to paint issues and other hassles I won't be bringing everything I wanted to bring...but I am quite happy with what I have and the show should be fun.

What I'm bringing:

Prototype stock TIG welded track frameset.

A really elegant road bike that we've been calling "super skinny" (we name all of them).

The above two bikes took nearly all my time this past month. Since my normal painter (Jason) has just moved into his new paint shop he didn't have time to paint them. I contacted Doug Fattic over in Niles Michigan about paint (he does great work as well). He was too busy to do all the work but offered to let me come and do the prep work and he'd spray the paint. I took him up on the offer and drove around the lake to Niles. The weather conspired against me and I was only able to spend 3 days there but lucky for me Marc Samuel was also there. He had worked with Doug in the past and is also a very good painter. I gave all the details to Marc and he took over with the remainder of the prep work and finished the frames for me. I finally got the frames back Monday after one long drive: 9 hours and a little glare ice to make it a fun adventure. I talked my assistant Zack into coming with me and we stopped in Evanston and visited Turin (he used to work there) which was a fun diversion from driving. Zac + cigarettes + red bull + non stop mega-mix rap all the way from Chicago to Niles always makes for a fun adventure (I think I'm still recouvering). Anyway...I'm rambling the frames are back and they are quite stunning. I owe Marc and Doug a favor as they really went out of their way on this one. Not only were they doing my stuff but Dave Bohm was also visiting to do some paint work for the show. Before I left I was talking to Marc about Daves stuff and he mentioned that he spent 50+ hours working on Dave's fancy how tandem. !!!

Ok back to other stuff I'm bringing:

Titanium quill stem - Same style as my normal quills, but polished TI. Quite sexy. This stem will be on Super Skinny.

Two of my fillet brazed cross "team" bikes: Zacks built bike, and my freshly painted frame.

Jasons track bike (best track bike at the show last year). This one will be on loan to Velocity to display some of their wheels.

Trevor will be coming to pick up Super Skinny (his new bike!) and will also be bringing Big Pink back to display.

Eric may come and bring one or both of the cross bikes I've built him.

Aaron is coming and he may bring his road bike (I hope he does).

What I wanted to bring but didn't' get finished:

Stainless lugged touring bike with custom racks. Not enough time to complete the polishing!

Full stainless 953 sport touring bike. I have to admit I was pushing it to think I could make it there with this one. If I didn't go to Niles to paint I probably could have finished it. It will be done shortly after the show so check back....its going to be pretty cool.

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