Saturday, January 06, 2007

New lugs!

A box from Richard Sachs arrived in the mail last week, and inside was a brand new lug-set from him!

Sachs has been doing some amazing stuff (aside from building some of the best frames out there). Since I started building frames he has developed three new lug-sets, 2 fork crowns, a bottom bracket shell (to match his Newvex lugs) and now he's working on a new tube-set made specifically for lugged frames. !

I really like this Nuovo Richie lug-set. Simple with just a little bit of style and it doesn't venture in the realm or overly-ornate (gaudy). I'm using this set (which is stainless steel) with the new Reynolds 953 stainless tubes to build a full stainless (and very light) sport touring bike for my friend Kevin who currentley own's of the 2nd frame I built...JK0002. I'll be bringing this frame to the handmade bike show this year so expect some build photos soon!

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