Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Scotts fixed gear

Just shipped this off to Scott today:

Scott was one of those rare customers that knew exactly what he wanted. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining about the indecisive clients as that's expected and comes with the territory. Working with clients to come up with a frame is actually fun. Scott however knew everything, right down the the paintcode (House of Kolor #kF02 Cyan to Purple). Normally I resist the shade shifting paints, in fact I even say it here: http://jonnycycles.com/misc/Paint%20info.pdf but I decided what the heck, don't know until you try it right? I suggested yellow hightlights, Scott agreed, and the final result was better than I expected. Don't expect to see a bunch or shade shifting Jonny Cycles frames anytime soon....but with the right graphics and colors I can be convinced.

Enough about the aesthetics, what about the function? Its pretty basic. A nice fixed gear for the road. Bottle mounts, and front and rear brakes. Due to the rear brake we opted for the much more practical forward facing slanted horizontal frame ends. Geometry is fairly standard road, but with an elevated bottom bracket for cornering clearance.

When FedEx delevers it in a few days it will be the first Jonny Cycles in Wyoming! Build process photos can be seen here: http://flickr.com/photos/jonnycycles/sets/72157607886828178/
The official gallery photos are here: http://jonnycycles.com/trackPhotos.php#id=album-119&num=1


Foresta Bikes said...

I'm glad you're back Jon, your work is amazing. Keep posting!

Jon Kendziera said...

Thanks Craig! I'm going to try and post about every bike I finish, photos are nice but a description of the bike and project is even better.