Monday, October 20, 2008

New website!

In case you haven't noticed I have a new website. I'm pretty excited about it as its been quite awhile since I've made any major site changes, although I'm a little sad to see the old one go as I put an insane amount of time into it.

Changes on the new site:

Fresh new look.

Ditched the old frames programming setup. This eliminates allot of issues with search engines and linking specific pages. Most people wouldn't notice, but web geeks do!

New galleries (check out the "photos" menu selection): It's now easier to browse the bikes w/out paging though all the photos. I can also easily add descriptions to each gallery and photo. I tried to add as much captions as possible when uploading all the old photos, but as expected that was tedious. Do however expect more text to accompany photos of new bike that I'll post as I finish them.

The blog is now more integrated with the site.

All framebuilding progress photos have been moved over to flickr which makes them easier for people to follow, easier for me to upload, and you can comment on them!

...and a few other things which I can't think of at the moment.

Thanks to Jason Bay for designing and completing a great site.

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