Thursday, July 17, 2008

Sanchez paintshop up and running!

Finally! It's been awhile now, but Jason finally has his new shop up and running. The first bike for me will be Jonny Hunters polished stainless road frame which I'm really anxious to have finished, and I'm sure Jonny is even more anxious to finally have his frame. Jonny gave us some leeway with the paint and Jason is working on some great (but secret) ideas.

Zack (ZR cycles) and I took a bike ride over to Milwaukee over the 4th of July weekend and visited the shop. Jason was working on a frame for Dave Wages from Ellis Cycles at the time. Here are a few photos:


Anonymous said...

Sanchez PAINshop? Appropriate typo, since I DO also dabble in body piercing. When I say "body", I mean, like....sternums 'n' shit.

Jon Kendziera said...

Thanks for catching that. I googles sternum piercing, but nothing cool (like actually though the sternum) so I think you have a good niche.

This looks great by the way!