Monday, February 25, 2008

Trans Iowa v.4

Not sure what I've gotten myself into here. Awhile ago Zack and I sent in our Registration postcard for the Trans Iowa race. We didn't make it in time and were put on the waiting list. I forgot all about it until this morning I received this e-mail :


Guitar Ted here with Trans Iowa. I hope all is well with you. I am writing to let you know that your name is next in line for an open spot on the T.I.V4 roster. I have your card here on "the waiting list". If you are still interested in getting on board with all the gravely fun, just respond to this e-mail within two days and i will add your name to the roster.

If I do not see a response within two days I'll move on to the next name in line and yours will go to the end of the line.


Guitar Ted


Now I have until April 26th to prepare for a non-stop all gravel road 300+ mile race w/30 or so hours to do it.

Time to start riding....

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nick said...

good luck with that snow. best of luck in iowa! -nick, appleton wi