Saturday, January 12, 2008

Cute little book

Found a neat book the otherday: "Everyday Engineering" by Andrew Burroughs + IDEO. Its essentially a collection of photos illustrating several ideas, divided into several sections with a short description before each section. The titles of each section are Craftsmanship, Unseen, Illusions, Interfaces, Elegance, Function follows form, Challenges, Corners, Ugliness, Materials, Repetition, Consequences, Nature, and Time. Flipping thought to the Elegance section you'll find a photo of one of my frames (which I build for Jenny in Chicago). Needless to say I'm quite flattered.

Even if it didn't have a photo of one of my frames I'd still recommend it. A nice inspiring little book, especially if your into engineering, design, aesthetics, and how they all relate. If you want a copy check out:

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