Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Reynolds 953

I've finally finished a Reynolds 953 frameset. I made a light touring frameset for my friend (and owner of Jonny Cycles #2) Kevin in Sacramento. It turned out quite nice, check it out - http://jonnycycles.com/roadpix8.html

The 953 tubing is light stuff, although really you can get pretty close with the less expensive and easier to work with True Temper S3 (its within a few grams). So if you want a light frame I'd prefer to use normal (non-stainless) tubing, but if you want a light and shiny frame 953 is a good way to go...since the only other option is chrome.

Since it's expensive material, difficult to work with, and time consuming to finish it makes for an expensive frame. If you want an un-painted Reynolds 953 version of one of my frames I'll do it for and extra $550.

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