Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Leaving for the Fixed Gear Symposium

Hey..leaving in a few minutes for the Fixed Gear Symposium up in Traverse City Michigan.


This will be the third year that Jason and I have went. It's allot of fun and a vacation of sorts for us (we mostly just lounge around and enjoy ourselves).

This year I'm bring some hot new caps from Lyle and Kelly at Cognition here in Madison. Check them out:

I suspect I'll sell them all at the Symposium, but if I have any left over I'll post them on my site.

I also finished the first run of TIG welded frames. Not yet painted, but of course one is my size so I built it up to ride at the Symposium. Here are some photos:

(sorry I didn't have time to crop and rotate the photos....)
Can't wait to get them painted and make them official on the site!

More when I get back from Michigan.

oh....I've been super busy preparing for the Symposium, so if you have e-mailed me and haven't gotten a response I'll catch you on Monday when I get back!

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